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Often Forgotten, But Always Important

Main Distro 02Power Distribution is perhaps the most crucial aspect of your event.

You've decided on a suitable sound package, picked out the perfect lighting solution, chosen your special effects and event décor, and are moving along at full-steam ahead towards the big event.

But what good are all these individual components if they are unable to perform their task?

Power Distribution is a crucial element in the events industry that is often overlooked or not given due attention.

Forgetting to ensure that your power requirements are met is a big problem, and one that is easily avoided.

We can provide stand-alone power solutions suitable for any usage scenario, to ensure that wherever your event, and whatever the time of day, your event can operate without a hitch, even if the venue's power fails, or even if the local power grid experiences difficulties.

Power For Even The Most Demanding Scenarios

Main Distro 01Many event companies offer power distribution services, but the number of these same companies that often provide inadequate or sub-standard power facilities is astounding.

We take great pride in the fact the we can ensure that your event has enough power for even the most demanding uses, and that the power supply we provide will be stable throughout your event.

Every piece of power equipment that we provide, from the large considerations like generators, through to fine-details, like cabling, is always "over-rated", meaning that it can handle the power requirements we have calculated to match your needs, and then some!


Talk to us today, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements, and provide impartial advice on attaining a quality power solution that insures effective operation of your crucial event.


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